Eden Social Development Foundation has been addressing malnutrition and protein deficiency since 2009 and has witnessed firsthand the high levels of malnutrition and protein deficiency in many of the impoverished rural communities in Southern Africa, especially amongst children and infants. 

According to 2008 statistics, out of 10 million children's deaths, 5.6 million can somehow be attributed to malnutrition. Although all cases of malnutrition in South Africa will not necessarily lead to death, they will most likely lead to a decline in health.

 Interventions To Prevent Malnutrition Include:

  • Improve accessibility of the poor to adequate amounts of healthy foods.
  • Health education for a healthy diet.
  • Provide training and support to subsistence and small scale farmers to plant their own healthy food crop.
  • Looking beyond short term feeding solutions, towards a long term sustainable approach by empowering local people to take control of their own nutritional needs. An important part of this control is access to appropriate food processing knowledge and technologies.

Our Mission

  • To address malnutrition and protein deficiency within communities that is more susceptible to these ailments with our 3 fundamental outcomes ‘Why Soy’; ‘How Soy’ and ‘Wow Soy’.

 Our Role

  • To provide the knowledge and associated training within the communities to expand the communities familiarity on the health benefits of soy, the planting and harvesting of soy and to utilize the soy to manufacture affordable soy in food products within individual home kitchens.
  • To identify and train leaders to proceed with training within their immediate communities.
  • Identify ‘Soy’preneurs and assist them in establishing micro enterprises, by making available to them sustainable food processing equipment to manufacture and distribute soy food products (VitaGoat & SoyCow Food Processing Systems), within the communities where the Soy Awareness Programmes has been established.
  • Assist small-scale farmers with the planting of soy as a rotation crop with maize and other food crops.

 Our Expertise

  • Training and assisting project participants on the planting of soy (household gardens & small-scale farm planting), harvesting and adding value to soy within household kitchens and micro-enterprises.

 Our Scope

  • From household gardens and kitchens to small-scale farmers and micro-enterprises.

Eden Social Development Foundation was founded in 2009 as a Section 21 Company (2009/012430/08) and is also registered as a Non-Profit organisation (086291NPO) and Public Benefits Organisation (PBO930031242) with Section 18A Tax Benefits.