Soy Awareness Programme

Our on-site training has been very successful in introducing soy to communities and eliminating the preconceived negative perceptions of soy. We provide visual demonstrations on how to use soy in general household kitchens as part of a comprehensive protein diet. This programme addresses the complete spectrum of soy, from planting to processing. The follow-up visits and continued interaction between program providers and program participants offers continues support of the project participants.

(Please refer to annexure A for our most recent training programmes)

 On-site Soy Awareness Workshops

This is an alternative option for representatives from government, educational institutions and other role players within the social and economic field to participate in the Soy Awareness Programme.

 These workshops are well attended and provide excellent introduction and networking opportunities between government, research, education and other likeminded individuals.

These groups are excellent in providing feedback on taste and general product expectations.


Program Objectives

  •  Identify and assist communities in a comprehensive entry level on-site soy plant program which will form the base of value addition of this crop; both nutritionally and economically.
  • Soy reaches beyond short-term feeding solutions, providing a long-term, more sustainable solution. The home processing of soy affords rural families the option of an affordable, high quality protein alternative to expensive meat proteins.
  • Train and assist designated small-scale farmers to expand soy planting areas.
  • Identify and assist communities, groups and individuals by making available to them sustainable Soy Food Processing (Electrical & Non-electrical) equipment.
  • Provide comprehensive Soy Awareness Training by arranging 2-day workshops in Bergville for groups between 10 – 50 attendants per workshop.
  • Assist entrepreneurs to set up Soy in Food micro-enterprises to manufacture and distribute different soy food products.

 ‘WHY’ Soy? ; ‘HOW’ Soy and ‘WOW’ Soy

 ‘WHY’ Soy? –

On-site education training by:

  • Educating project participants on the health benefits of consuming Soy Food Products.

 ‘HOW’ Soy –

On-site theoretical training on how to successfully plant soy:

  • Utilizing minimum equipment
  • Soil preparation incorporating the use of ‘Round-up’ if required.
  • Practical demonstration and assistance with planting of soy on primed soil.
  • Crop inspection.
  • Identification of soy diseases and subsequent treatment.
  • Practical training on upkeep of land.
  • Correct harvesting and storing procedures.

‘WOW’ Soy –

On-site implementation and application of acquired soy knowledge and –skills

On-site assisted training on how to effectively

  • Prepare soy for use in general domestic nutrition.
  • Utilize soy in micro-entrepreneurial project using Non-Electrical Food Processing equipment (VitaGoat) or Electrical Food Processing equipment (SoyCow).